Sauvignon 2014Key facts
  • DOC
  • 100% Sauvignon
  • Pressed with cold soaking
  • Fermentation 2-3 months in steel
Suggestions (from bottling)
  • Settle for 1 month
  • Expected to keep for 3 years
  • At a visual examination it appears crystal clear, straw yellow with slightly golden reflection.

  • Olfactory Analysis (Nose) Has a perceivable characteristic Bouquet, quite complex, with grassy scent (Buis), a floral trace (Sambuco) and a gentle fruity shade (Litchi Pompelmous)

  • Taste analysis: a neat sensation of softness well balanced, harmonic, with a very gentle saltiness, good body

  • After Taste is quite persistent a touch of marmalade (Sambuco) already perceived at the Nose and in the finish remains a tinge of vegetable notes.