Asti Piazza Roma Roberto ClarettaPiazza Roma is at the Western end of Asti’s pedestrian area and a short walk along the prestigious Corso Vittorio Alfieri.

At the base of a fortress-like building, the informal outer area is for aperitivi and lunches (reputedly the only place in Asti where you can get pastrami), while the inner area is intimate.

What gives the venue its truly unique ambiance is that it is run by a lovely couple in their 60’s, Roberto and Claretta, who clearly do this out of passion.

Roberto is a genuine artist. He’ll elaborate with gusto for 5 minutes about how you can make the same dish in the same way 10 times, with the same ingredients, and yet, “because food has a soul“, it’ll come out tasting slightly different each time.

Claretta on the other hand is a pearl of warmth & sensitivity, and the glow of her inner smile enriches the experience, whether you want dialogue or peace…..

but for those who are so inclined, apparently there is a nightclub in the cellar below (which I did not investigate)

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Piazza Roma, 12, 14100 Asti AT 0141 321566 Mon/Tue