TSON_MorettiAdimari2015-17_webThis is a critical decision based on 5 variables. There is never a perfect solution, so much depends on the experience of the enologist.

Variable Comment
Sugar content Babo (ᴼbrix) measures 19kg of sugar in every 100kg of grapes, predicting a likely alcohol of 12.5-13%
PH Expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a logarithmic scale, where 7 is neutral, and typical wine making acidity Sauvignon, in this example is 2.90-3.10
Acidity grams per litre of malic and tartaric acids
Aromatic maturity For whites, assessment based in aroma
Phenolic maturity For reds, when the colour of the skin suggests that tannins and other essential components are in the best moment to be dissolved in the must
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