TSON_MorettiAdimari2015-4_webLike many of the top vineyards in France, who set best practice, and who average 7 hectares in Bordeaux, we are fortunate to have 5 hectares in the best terroir in our region with access to the best equipment.

To transmit the flavours & scents that nature has given us to the glass” we believe that there are 8 steps where the best wine makes can distinguish themselves.

Step in Process
Our advantage
1. Optimal management of vines Easier to care for plot of only 5 hectares
2. Thinning 10-15% of reds All top producers do this
3. Optimal timing of harvest Smaller plot allows quicker completion
4. Careful selective harvest Possible by hand thanks to small plot
5. Internal quality control Few small producers have a lab
6. Cold soaking (pellicular maceration) Only cost effective in small quantities
7. Containment of perfume Innovation for our size
8. Handling grapes with great care Equipment unusual for small producer

This has been reflected in how our top wines receive recognition in Italy’s most prestigious competitions at 1st attempt

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