Anne is a clinical pharmacist from Utrecht (Netherlands). She loves Piemonte for it’s food, and of course, it’s wine!

annevrAfter assisting one of Flavio’s first wine tastings in English, Anne and Roland came back in 2016 to say hello, only to discover that Tinella 2012 had sold out!

“I was hoping to give a bottle each to my PhD examiners this December” explained Anne.

Don’t worry” replied Flavio, in his ever improving English, “Tinella 2014 will be ready by mid November.

Finally, having just ordered her maximum allocation of Tinella 2014,  as well as some Sorì San Giovanni, she exclaimed “we’ve no idea where we are going to put these 5 cases as we live in a very small (57 m2) apartment and we still have 7 cases from last summer!